Amazon Alexa in the New Range Rover

April 27th, 2022 by

Amazon Alexa now on the New Range Rover.

Cars are so high-tech these days that controlling one makes it seem like a daunting task… enter Alexa by Amazon.

With Amazon Alexa, life is effortless, and your journey fully connected. Now you can keep your hands on the wheel and focus on your drive while Alexa does all the work. Need directions for the nearest coffee shop? Just ask Alexa. Want to listen to something other than your playlists? Tell Alexa what you want, music or a podcast, and Alexa will play it for you thanks to the seamless Spotify and Audible integration.

Connect your calendar with Alexa, and Alexa will help you organize your life while on the move. For example, you can easily ask Alexa about meeting details, the weather at your destination, and a to-do list. And when you’re done for the day, tell Alexa to “Welcome Me Home.” With Alexa integration on various smart home devices, Alexa can set the temperature, turn on the lights, and even open your garage door, all with a voice command to Alexa.

Amazon Alexa is built-in as part of the Pivi Pro infotainment system and Online Pack with Data Plan. Simply connect your Amazon account and go, with no extra bills, set-up, or phone required.

With limited availability on the New Range Rover, contact us for more information to get on our list!

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