Heritage Defender

March 1st, 2022 by

HeritageDefender- Emblem

The Heritage Defender is a modernized 80’s Defender in a classic body.

This 80’s Land Rover Defender 110 is a fully restored 80’s Defender done by Heritage Driven and is a customer car who lent it to us to showcase in our showroom.

Everything in this Defender is custom or refurbished, from the chassis, the bolts, the interior, the suspension, and of course under the hood. Powered by the LS3 from a Corvette, the modern powerplant is complemented by a modernized suspension which eliminates the classic feel of the Defender and brings it up to current Land Rover standards. Even the interior has been modernized to feel as luxurious and comfortable as any of the current Land Rover vehicles available.

Stop by our showroom to see this magnificent and modernized classic Defender!

Land Rover FW - Heritage Defender