Land Rover Off-Roading Checklist

November 9th, 2018 by

2018 Land Rover Discovery off-roading on mountianPart of the fun of owning a Land Rover is exploring its rugged off-road capabilities. Still, even with an off-road performance vehicle, there are plenty of things to consider before hitting the trails. In order to have a safe and enjoyable time, we created this quick checklist for you Fort Worth drivers so you can head off-road with confidence.

Our Top Off-Roading Tips

  • Know the Rules: Find out where it is legal to off-road in your area. Many public areas can be off limits so you may need to look for an off-road park or private land.
  • Understand Your Limits: Understanding your vehicle and the limits of your off-roading expertise can go a long way to prevent getting stuck or other emergencies. Know when to shift into 4WD or lock the center differential in an AWD vehicle.
  • Stay Connected: In case you can’t make it out, or another issue arises, it is important to have a fully charged cell phone with you.
  • Make sure to bring along a car charger or backup battery if you are planning for a long day out.
  • Come Prepared: Even for seasoned drivers, it’s not uncommon to get stuck while off-roading. Make sure you have the necessary gear to get out like a winch kit, traction mats, tire inflator/deflator, a folding shovel, and a hi-lift jack.
  • Gas up Your Land Rover: One easy way to avoid being accidentally stranded is to make sure you have a full tank of gas when you head to the trails.
  • Bring Snacks: There is a good chance you won’t have access to food and water while off-roading, so make sure you bring some.

Land Rover Off-Road Performance Features

A Land Rover makes an ideal off-road vehicle thanks to a variety of off-road features built-in to the lineup. Explore popular models like the Range Rover to find features including:

  • Configurable Dynamics: Determines the throttle mapping, steering settings, suspension, and more
  • Commandshift™: The 2 gear level allows you to use gearshift paddles
  • Adaptive Dynamics: Monitors the condition of Parker County roads or trails
  • All-Terrain Progress Control: Helps you conquer any terrain or weather conditions

Get Off-Roading Support at Autobahn Land Rover Fort Worth

Whether you are looking for a new off-roading vehicle, or to upgrade your current one, you can find what you need at Autobahn Land Rover Fort Worth. Visit our DFW area dealership for more off-roading tips, or to see how a Land Rover can perform for you! Be sure to check out more guides from your Land Rover retailer, including our favorite places to eat in DFW and other local recommendations.

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